Pledged by
Salima Rawji, President and CEO
Start Date
1st March 2024
Pledge Type
Expanding Innovation Pledges:  YUDC will expand awareness and obtain the commitment of at least two others to innovate in real estate.
Areas of Focus

Leadership and Institutions: Canadian institutions, including government, not-for-profits, or the private sector, lack a culture of risk-taking and willingness to lead in driving innovation in Canada;

Affordability and Supply: Meeting Canada’s housing supply challenge and addressing high costs and low productivity leading to a lack of affordability, recognizing that homes will only get built if the project economics works;

Climate Resiliency and Low Carbon: Ensuring Canadian real estate can withstand extreme weather events and reducing the carbon footprint of Canadian real estate to meet Canada’s 2030 climate goals;

Pledge Details

Through partnership events, discussions, and communications, we’ll weave the concept of innovation into our work to encourage the mindset shift needed to move forward with the Innovation Agenda.

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