Pledged by
Jon Christensen, CEO
Start Date
1st May 2024
Pledge Type
Engaged Innovator: Bidmii will contribute to the ideation and validation of at least one novel real estate solution or pilot project.
Areas of Focus

Affordability and Supply: Meeting Canada’s housing supply challenge and addressing high costs and low productivity leading to a lack of affordability, recognizing that homes will only get built if the project economics works.

Optimization: Canada’s existing building stock is not used optimally due to factors such as a lack of transition options and a lack of flexibility to convert one form of building use to another.

Capital, Labour, and Supporting Infrastructure:  Ensuring firms have the essential building blocks for success. Funding for Innovation including Tax Incentives.

Pledge Details

We pledge to increase home renovation accessibility and affordability through our platform. By empowering homeowners, offering financing, and securing payments, we’ll build trust and facilitate worry-free renovations and home improvement projects.

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