Real Innovators

Transforming Real Estate
& Housing in Canada

Real Estate and Housing is something we are all in together, but no one is in charge. It is critical, complicated, and in a state of crisis. Governments cannot solve the problems on their own and Industry must lead through innovation.

Innovation is a Response  Innovation is a Solution  Innovation is a Choice  Innovation an Opportunity

Help Create the Industry Innovation Agenda

The Industry Innovation Agenda is being created in R-LABS with the assistance of Real Innovators.
Click on the video below to see our Partners Event from Nov 28th, 2022.

Find Your Role in the Future of Real Estate

R-LABS is the Real Estate Industry Venture Builder. Established in 2018, R-LABS is a growing partnership of innovative corporations, institutions, and game-changing entrepreneurs who believe the great companies the world needs to solve the major problems in real estate and housing do not exist yet, and through its unique platform, are co-founding and growing them. Learn more about R-LABS and find your role in the future. There is much good work to be done together.